sussan-pic-20111-150x150ICAN Director of MENA Programs and Iranian women’s rights activist Sussan Tahmasebi commented recently in multiple media outlets on the new Iranian president Hassan Rohani and women’s rights in Iran.

In a recent article with Radio Free Europe, Tahmasebi said that she “expected more from Rohani, especially [since] he came in promising to have a positive view on women’s issues.”

Perhaps Bowing to Pressure, Rohani Appoints Woman to Iranian Cabinet” (Golnaz Esfandiari, 8/12/2013, Radio Free Europe)

Tahmasebi was also interviewed on BBC Radio 4, saying that women are disappointed and frustrated because none of the appointed ministers are women. She enumerated some positive positions that woman are taking but noted that these positions “don’t have the same clout as a minister would.” Tahmasebi also discussed Iranian grass-roots movements and the impact of economic sanctions.

The New Iranian President and Women’s Rights” (BBC Radio 4) – listen 13:45-20:25

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