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As you may know, the United Nations recently brokered a deal to allow the evacuation of women and children from Homs, Syria. We all hope this is good news and the beginning of a sustainable process towards peace.
Please find below the link to a statement which includes 3 specific demands issued by Syrian civil society organizations (led by Syrian women) regarding the Homs evacuation agreement, and key concerns they have about the well-being of the men and others who remain in the besieged areas.  The Mothers of Bosnia movement have also issued a statement comparing the Homs arrangement with Srebernica.

Statement regarding the evacuation of civilians from the besieged areas in Homs

بيان حول إخراج المدنيين من المناطق المحاصرة في حمص

In particular, please note the very important requests they make to the Syrian government and international community to help mitigate the concerns and ensure the safety of those who remain. Some of the leaders behind this statement will be in Geneva this week. Please share it widely with others working on Syria and who may be able to address their requests.
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Executive Director, ICAN

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