ICAN and ICAN partners from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Palestine and Egypt are attending the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence In Conflict this week in London. You can stay up-to-date on the activities by following us @whatthewomensay or by emailing madeline.koch [@] icanpeacework.org for direct contact with our partners in London.

ICAN co-founder and Executive Director Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini wrote an op-ed in Open Democracy June 9th: “Hopes and fears: Summit to end sexual violence in conflict.” Below are important points for governments and attendees. You can read the entire article here.

  1. The PSVI summit in London this week will focus on sexual crimes during wartime, but the best way to prevent these crimes in the first place is to find ways to stop wars from occurring.
  2. In every setting, we should bring civil society committed to peace to the ‘peace table’.
  3. Recognize that sexual violence is a prevalent crime, often occurring with impunity, in peaceful countries as well.  Across the board, governments are not doing enough to combat this type of violence (including in the West), yet their forces are training the police and military of other countries.
  4. The PSVI Campaign should set a standard of practice that states must achieve before being recognized/included in the initiative. Governments – especially those with a very poor track record on tackling sexual violence (e.g. Nigeria, Pakistan) – should not be congratulated for joining the campaign. This risks the credibility of the effort.
  5. Ministers should seek the advice of women-led civil society organizations who are already doing this work and will be in London.  The protocols/outcomes should be drafted/agreed upon by them together with governments.
  6. If we want real change, as governments, let’s have the courage to let citizens most at risk or affected by sexual violence grade government efforts. Governments shouldn’t be congratulating themselves.

ICAN partner participation in Fringe Events:

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