“We Will Survive: Women’s Rights and Civic Activism in Yemen’s Endless War”

ICAN proudly presents our most recent What the Women Say policy brief, “We Will Survive: Women’s Rights and Civic Activism in Yemen’s Endless War.” Reflecting on the experiences of women during the uprising, the transitional period, and the national dialogue, this report provides a brief snapshot of the deteriorating humanitarian and socio-economic conditions, the security concerns, the thwarted constitutional process, the evolving political landscape, and the implications for women. It highlights key recommendations to international and domestic actors with regard to peace, security, and equality for Yemenis in the future.

Read the full report here.

“By day and night, Saudi warplanes drop missiles and bombs on cities and countryside, its roads, ports, and airports, its homes and its people. On the ground, Houthi militias continue their ground assaults and sieges. ISIS and Al Qaeda bye for power…”

“This is not the #Yemen we all wanted when we marched to push Saleh out of power.” – Nadwa Al Dawsari, conflict specialist and civil society leader

“Santa Salman & his Rudolf fighter jets busy last night dropping bombs under our Christmas trees 🙁 #Yemen.” – Hisham Al Omeisy, information analyst

“Do not tell us that…it’s not the time to fight for our rights. There’s no convenient time; we have to always be fighting.” – Bushra Al-Fusail, artist and women’s rights activist

“As and when a political process takes shape, the international community’s support for another inclusive process and adherence to the outcomes of the National Dialogue will be critical.”

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