Join us on 21 September 2017 in New York to mark the first anniversary of the GSX launch with an all day Global Solutions Exchange event on “Preventing Violent Extremism through Civil Society Innovation”. 

WASL members from Kenya, Pakistan, and Tunisia will join ICAN’s executive director Ms. Sanam Naraghi Anderlini and the ICAN team to present women’s innovative, positive and sustainable solutions to prevent violent extremism and promoting peace, resilience, equal rights, and pluralism during the 72nd meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. 
Co-hosted by ICAN and The Prevention Project on behalf of the GSX Steering Group, the event will provide global and national policymakers practical recommendations and tested solutions on effectively preventing violent extremism in partnership with civil society. 
For more information, please visit:

+1 202-355-8220

1126 16th Street NW Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036

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