ICAN’s latest thematic animation Gendered Transitional Justice: Why it matters, how to do it is now available in French! Using ICAN’s four-part framework to realize inclusion in peace processes, the animation explores the various components of transitional justice and offers five practical steps to ensure a gender sensitive and inclusive process.

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Recognizing the need to move beyond the question of why inclusivity matters in peace processes to how to do it in practice, in 2012 ICAN launched its Better Peace Initiative (BPI). Drawing on consultations with expert practitioners and mediators, ICAN has developed innovative tools, such as animations, that can be used by diplomats, governments and grassroots peacebuilders to ensure inclusivity and gender sensitivity in peace making. The BPI tools offer succinct explanations of various thematic processes, why gender matters and how to ensure inclusivity. The materials are translated for use in multiple settings.

Gendered Transitional Justice: Why it matters, how to do it has so far been translated into in English, Arabic, Japanese, Sinhala, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu
Stay tuned for the Chinese language version!

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