Last week, ICAN’s Senior Adviser and Program Manager for the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), Melinda Holmes, was at the Caux Forum in Switzerland to facilitate a training on gendered peacebuilding approaches to transform violent extremism. Part of the Towards an Inclusive Peace conference, the training is based on our Better Peace Initiative framework for inclusion and draws on the innovative practices of WASL members. Designed for a diverse participant group to help them build on their own experiences and interests through innovative analysis and practical knowledge sharing, the training offered practical guidance on how to move from addressing these issues as security and political processes to inclusive societal processes through the meaningful engagement of diverse sectors from media and religion to education and economics. 

Melinda shared her perspectives on the role of gender in peacebuilding and transforming violent extremism and discussed the work of ICAN in a Facebook Live interview. To learn more about the Caux Forum and the 2018 Towards an Inclusive Peace program on the application of restorative justice to transforming violent extremism visit the forum website


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