July 25th

3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Alliance for Peacebuilding:

1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 401, Washington, DC 20036

Call in available online: https://zoom.us/j/234664955 Or via Telephone: 1 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 234 664 955

This roundtable event will discuss a gendered analysis of the socioeconomic dimensions of extreme violence and violent extremism. Women peace practitioners and human rights defenders have long been concerned by decisions made at global and national levels that at the local level impact dynamics of economic exclusion, threaten social cohesion and exacerbate conditions conducive to violence. Economic policy is failing in fragile countries and leaving the most vulnerable populations behind. Violent extremism, and state responses to it, place a significant economic burden on societies and strain an already frayed social contract.

Human rights defenders and peacebuilders from Afghanistan, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Iraq, Pakistan, and the United States,including members of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), will join in dialogue with Ms. Sanam Naraghi Anderlini, Executive Director of ICAN, and Ms. Karin Ryan, Senior Policy Advisor with The Carter Center. The delegation will share outcomes of The Carter Center’s 2018 Human Rights Defenders Forum: “Restoring Faith in Freedom”, which is to focus on economic, social, and cultural rights, and their relationship with peace and security.

There is a significant gap between policy intentions and realities on the ground. In 2017, ICAN published an analysis of the nexus of economic policy, gender and violence extremism with the aim of creating space for this dialogue that focused on lived experiences of the economic dynamics in contexts affected by violent extremism. Together, we will explore if the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Sustaining Peace agenda can be leveraged by civil society to advocate for global and national economic policies of prevention.


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