We are happy to announce three new language versions of the third thematic animation in our Better Peace Initiative (BPI) series, Gendered Devolution: Why It matters, how to do it! This animation can now be viewed in Sinhala, Tamil and Urdu!

To view and download the videos, please click here for the Sinhala version, the Tamil version, and the Urdu version.

We are very excited to work with fantastic partners in the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL) who continue to translate our BPI animations into local languages.

We thank the Insan Foundation Trust for making this animation available in Urdu and the Association for War Affected Women for the Sinhala and Tamil Translations.

We are grateful to Global Affairs Canada, the Compton Foundation, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UNDP for supporting the BPI!

For more animations and translations see the Better Peace Initiative page.

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