We are excited to launch Gendered Community Policing: Why it matters, how to do it in two new languages! This is the first time we are sharing animations in Somali language and Ukrainian! This fourth animation in our Better Peace Initiative series explores why gender sensitivity and inclusivity matter when carrying out community policing initiatives. It provides an overview of what community policing is and gives tangible suggestions on how to ensure gender sensitivity in practice.

To view and download Gendered Community Policing in Ukrainian, please click here

To view and download Gendered Community Policing in Somali, please click here

We are very thankful to our partner in the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), WITNESS Somalia, who translated the animation into Somali language. WITNESS Somalia will be screening the community policing animation video in community forums, workshops, and in their our monthly civil society forum meetings. Our Somali partners are also showing the animation to police during station visits.

The Ukrainian version of this video was made possible due to the cooperation with the Police Training Assistance Project (PTAP), which is implemented by Agriteam Canadian with the financial assistance from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) as part of its Peace and Stabilization Operations Program (PSOP). It will be used by the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) for training/awareness to support the advancement of community policing in Ukraine as part of reforms in the security sector.

Since 2014, ICAN has developed and produced 4-5 minute animations on topics that are addressed in peace processes. The themes are explored from a gendered perspective and the animations are used by a variety of stakeholders. This past year our Better Peace Initiative has tackled new themes, such as gendered devolution and gendered community policing. Our forthcoming animation (out next month!) explores gendered ceasefires. Stay tuned!

ICAN also delivers expert advice, tailored seminars, and trainings on gender sensitivity and inclusion in peace processes for a range of actors, including the UNDPA, civil society actors, governments and others. The first cut of the English version of Gendered Community Policing: Why it matters, how to do it was screened in July at our inaugural Executive Seminar and Certification Course on Gendered and Inclusive Mediation in Ottawa, Canada.

Our animations are easily transferable and adaptable to local contexts, while ensuring effective inclusivity. We translate our animations based on demand and work closely with our WASL partners to determine their needs and ensure that these are met.

For translation requests or more information, please contact helena.gronberg@icanpeacework.org

We thank Global Affairs Canada, the Compton Foundation, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UNDP for supporting the Better Peace Initiative!

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