ICAN is delighted to partner with the German Foreign Office and the Center for Feminist Foreign Policy for the Missing Ingredient: Women Peacebuilders as Critical Allies in Strengthening a Fragile Peace, an afternoon of discussions and deliberations around how civil society organizations, in particular women peacebuilders, can be effectively and adequately supported in their work? How can they be protected? The event will take place at the Library of the German Foreign Office, Berlin on June 25, 2019.

It is widely acknowledged within the peacebuilding community that only an inclusive peace is likely to be a sustainable one – the participation of women peacebuilders strengthens the peace. Civil society – particularly women peacebuilders (WPBs) – and local actors often provide key services, engage in critical peacebuilding, trust building and social cohesion initiatives that states are unable to undertake. They face enormous risks when undertaking critical but often dangerous mediation and peacebuilding work in conflict and post-conflict contexts, as cases from Colombia, Syria and Afghanistan clearly show. Yet they are often locked out of funding and resource mechanisms during peace processes.

Building on the discussions at ICAN’s Better Peace Symposium II held in New York on May 21-22, 2019, this workshop, pursuant to the German Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security will focus on:

  1.  the specific added value and role/contributions of WPBs to seeking and sustaining peace;
  2.  current threats and challenges faced by women peacebuilders, and
  3.  effective strategies that state, bilateral and multilateral entities must adopt to support, enable and protect the sector including financial, political and legal, sociocultural, and physical protection measures.

WASL partners Mary Akrami (Afghanistan) and Rosa Emilia Salamanca (Colombia) will share experiences and expertise. They will be joined by ICAN’s Executive Director Sanam Naraghi Anderlini and Program Director Melinda Holmes.

Click here for the Concept Note and Agenda

For more information, contact Amadée Mantz (OR01-HOSP1@auswaertiges-amt.de)

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