The document 10 Steps to Ensure Gender Responsive and Inclusive Ceasefire Agreements is a practical guidance document intended to inform governments, international organizations, and civil society facilitating local, national and regional ceasefire negotiations. The 10 steps were developed in consultation with participants in ICAN’s first Executive Seminar and Certification Course on Gendered and Inclusive Mediation (Ottawa, July 2018), with additional input from various individuals and organizations.

Our WASL partner Wazhma Frogh translated and adapted the Farsi/ Persian version.

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Right now, Afghan women are in a critical juncture of the peace process. We are asking for a ceasefire every day. We are engaging with the Taleban representatives and this guide informs our conversations with the Taleban, but also with the political leaders that are part of the dialogue with the Taleban. Even the women groups find much of it new and it is a learning opportunity for them. – Wazhma Frogh

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