In time for the twentieth anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, we are delighted to launch two of our Better Peace Initiative (BPI) animations in Kiswahili. These are the first animations to be translated into Kiswahili and we hope they will be valuable for a variety of stakeholders engaged in mediation at various levels and committed to inclusive and gender responsive peace and security processes.

Gendered Peace Negotiations, the first animation in the BPI series is based on the Better Peace Tool (BPT) booklet, first published in 2015. With a special focus on the contributions of women peacebuilders, the BPT outlines the evolution of peacemaking in the 20th century. It discusses six common barriers to inclusion and presents practical steps overcome them.

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 Gendered Community Policing: Why it matters, how to do it explores why gender and inclusivity matter when carrying out community policing initiatives. It provides an overview of what community policing is and gives tangible suggestions on how to ensure gender responsiveness in practice.

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ICAN develops and produces short visual explainers on topics that are addressed in peace processes. The themes are explored from a gendered perspective and the animations are meant for a wide audience, including local organizations working in their communities. ICAN also delivers expert advice, tailored seminars, and trainings on gender response and inclusion in peace processes for a range of actors, including our local partners in the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), the United Nations, government actors and others.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Sureya Roble, Advocacy for Women in Peace and Security Africa (AWAPSA-Kenya), and Anne Atambo, WILPF-Kenya for assisting with the Swahili language versions of the animations. We take on translations based on need and draw on the expertise and guidance of our partners in this regard.

The Better Peace Initiative animations are made possible with generous support from Global Affairs Canada, the Compton Foundation, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the UNDP and UN women.


For translation requests or more information, please contact

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