During the pandemic we have been busy translating our materials and tools into new languages. In 2020 we launched a number of animations in Russian and Swahili, and we are excited to at this time share three of our existing animations in Ukrainian.

Gendered Devolution: Why it matters, how to do it explores why gender sensitivity and inclusivity in devolution processes matter, while Gender Responsive and Inclusive Ceasefires: Why it matters, how to do it focuses on gendered and inclusive ceasefire agreements and processes. The animations demonstrate what such gender responsive processes can look like in practice. Gendered Transitional Justice: Why it matters, how to do it examines the various components of transitional justice and offers five practical steps to achieve a gender responsive and inclusive process.

The animations are part of the Better Peace Initiative’s (BPI) ongoing development of innovative and fun training- and advocacy tools focused on issues that are included in peace talks. The animations are used by a variety of actors – from diplomats and governments to grassroots peacebuilders – to ensure inclusivity and gender responsive approaches. ICAN also delivers expert advice, tailored seminars, and trainings for a range of actors, including our local partners in the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), the United Nations, government actors and others.

We would like to thank our partners in Ukraine, particularly Nina Potarska and Oksana Potapova, for making these translations a reality. We take on translations based on need and draw on the expertise and guidance of our partners.

The Better Peace Initiative animations are made possible with generous support from Global Affairs Canada, the Compton Foundation, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), the UNDP and UN Women.

For translation requests or more information, please contact helena.gronberg@icanpeacework.org

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