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The massive involvement of the grassroots women in this activity revealed how devastated they are with the ongoing crisis. 

– Reach Out Campaign Report

Reach Out launched the She Builds Peace campaign with a peace walk in Kumba in response to the October 24, 2020 shooting at a local school.  The goal was to denounce the killing of children, unite women’s voices against the ongoing crisis within the country, and seek actions that would amplify the voices of rural women to bring an end to the ongoing crisis.  The program started with a church service in memory of those who died.  In addition, select participants visited some of the to help provide psychological support. Reusable masks were distributed to participants to mitigate the threat of COVID-19. 

Reach Out originally planned for 300 participants, but 3,000 women across KumbaBuea, and Bamenda joined the walk to show their support and condemn the attack, showing the strength and solidarity of women’s groups and networks. The peace walk led to the creation of the Voices of Community Women Network and encouraged the Kumba Divisional Officer to address the public on the shooting for the first time. Many activists made strong statements denouncing the targeting of women and schools, and the event was covered extensively by the media. 

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