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With a small group of NGOs, women peacebuilders, activists, women’s rights defenders, journalists, artists, and academics, including the London School of Economics (LSE) and University College London (UCL), we formed the Afghan Solidarity Coalition to facilitate safe houses in Afghanistan, provide livelihood support for partners, and, where possible, support evacuation and resettlement. We are raising funds to continue this work. 

100% of funds raised will go towards these efforts.   

All donations received are being managed and distributed by the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN). If you have any questions on the financial management of the Afghanistan Emergency Relief Fund please contact:

Our Afghanistan Response

We have advocated for years for the inclusion of Afghan women peacebuilders in the Doha negotiations and other peace talks with the Taliban, the Afghan government, and international community. Our concern was always that the protection of civilians and the safeguarding of human rights, including the rights of women and minorities, would not be prioritized and that the implications would be devastating. 

Based on our decades of experience and research, ICAN’s premise was that Afghan women peacebuilders’ presence in direct negotiations could mitigate these concerns. By August 2021, as NATO’s military withdrawal accelerated and the Taliban advanced, many of our greatest fears were realized. Despite many governments’ pledges of protection for women peacebuilders and their claims to support women in the security sectors, judiciary, and government, we found women peacebuilders abandoned and in fear for their lives.

In line with our mission, our three-part strategy is as follows:

  • Advocacy to the international community on behalf of and alongside our Afghan partners;
  • Direct support to Afghan partners and others at-risk seeking evacuation and resettlement; and
  • Financial and practical assistance to organizations and individuals inside Afghanistan.

Learn more in our 2021 Annual Report

Advocacy: Taking the Lead from Afghan Women Peacebuilders

Our advocacy highlights the need for inclusivity and gender-responsiveness in the actions of the international community, including security interventions, diplomacy, and humanitarian response. We base our recommendations on communication with our Afghan partners inside and outside the country, and on our global experience. We tailor our guidance to the real-time events and issues that governments and the UN system are faced with.

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ICAN Program Officer Malalai Habibi on BBC Persian

Financial Support to Afghan Peacebuilders

In the wake of the Taliban takeover, the imposition of sanctions, and the freezing of bank accounts, we​ received​ desperate​ pleas​ for​ direct​ financial​ assistance from our Afghan partners. In response, we quickly developed two Rapid Response Windows​ (RRWs) ​specifically​ designed​ to​ enable​ organizations and individuals to receive funds.

The Afghan Institutional RRW enabled all seven of our WASL partner organizations to keep their doors open and provide support to staff and beneficiaries​ across​ the​ country.​ ​ The​ goal​ has​ been to enable these organizations to continue their vital work, including care for victims of violence, psychosocial support to women and girls, and mitigating the extremist practices of the Taliban in various communities.

With our Afghan Individual RRW, we supported safe houses for those at great risk and provided funds to over a dozen families for food, rent, winter clothes, and heating bills. We also provided treatment and transportation for cancer patients. For those who received visas, we supported relocation and evacuation costs.

All funding was​ provided​ and​ transferred​ to​ beneficiaries​ in​ compliance with US sanctions and in a manner that ensured the safety of recipients.

Learn more in our 2021 Annual Report

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