“The culture of peace is ingrained in us”

Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini

 Our Mission

ICAN promotes inclusive and sustainable peace in countries affected by violent conflict, extremism, militarism, and closing political space.  Recognizing the gendered impact of conflict and the critical role of women peacebuilders, we fulfill our mission through a dual strategy of:

  • Shaping and influencing the peace and security policies of governments, multilateral organizations, and the wider international community by providing thought leadership, strategic advice, and gender-responsive analysis and operational guidance; and
  • Sustaining and strengthening a global movement of innovative locally rooted women peacebuilders to have voice and influence wherever matters of peace, violent conflict, rights, and human security are determined.

 We bring the word and spirit of  UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the global women, peace and security agenda to life.

Founded in 2006, ICAN is a registered US-based nonprofit independent organization with 501c3 status.


Our Vision is a world founded on peace, equality and respect for pluralism.

 Our Core Principles


  • ICAN operates on the basis of mutual respect and partnership with local organizations and the comparative advantages (ranging from access to resources and policymaking to networks & constituencies) that national and international NGOs bring to a partnership.
  • We support women’s peace efforts by bridging the divisions between activists and the policy community, building skills, and ensuring the exchange of knowledge and resources.
  • ICAN does not operate independently in any country. We work with and through partners.

ICAN's Safeguarding Policy

Our Services & Areas of Expertise

  • Gendered early warning, political and security situation analyses
  • Inclusivity, gender & mediation
  • Countering/ preventing violent extremism with a gendered lens
  • Grant making in conflict and fragile states
  • Male gender issues in conflict and fragile settings
  • Women’s rights and activism in Islamic contexts
  • Executive training and institutional action planning for gender mainstreaming and integration of the Women, Peace and Security priorities in development and diplomacy
  • Trainings on gendered dimensions of: transitional justice, socioeconomic recovery, constitutional processes, disarmament/demobilization/reintegration, and security sector reform
  • Movement and coalition building in politically closed and transitioning contexts
  • Peer-to-peer & south-south knowledge exchange
  • Using media to raise public awareness of the Women, Peace and Security.

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