ICAN in the News

Equinoxe TV Cameroon, “Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Training in Cameroon” [June 2019]

Marie Claire, “Global Peace is Impossible Without Female Negotiators” [March 2019]

IDN-InDepthNews, “Ban Ki-moon Leaves Behind a Mixed Legacy” [January 2017]

Ms Magazine, “Five Steps to a Feminist Foreign Policy” [December 2016]

World Economic Forum, “The most defining moments of 2016, according to 6 global leaders” [December 2016]

BBC World News, Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini on security in the Middle East [December 2016]

BBC World News, Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini on Syria Conflict [March 2016]

BBC World News, Sanam Anderlini on Saudi-Iran Tensions and Yemen [January 2016]

UNDPA, “Women in the spotlight: Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini” interview [May 2015]

Women’s E-News, “Academia Joins Battle against Rape as a Weapon of War” Anderlini citation [April 2015]

Wilson Center, “Expansion or Contraction? Women’s Rights in the MENA Region in 2015″ Sanam Anderlini contribution p.8 [March 2015]

Nobel Peace Prize Forum, featured speaker Sanam Anderlini (video) [March 2015] or on MPR Radio, “Sanam Anderlini: women’s roles as international peacemakers”

Miami Hurricane, “At CGIU, women urged to play role in sustainable peace negotiations,” panel review [March 2015]

Huffington Post, “Support the Peacemakers Too,” Sanam Anderlini citation [Feb 2015]

IPS, “Sexist Laws Still Thrive Worldwide,” Interview with Sanam Anderlini [Feb 2015]

CNN, “What really scares terrorists,” ICAN citation [Dec 2015]

One Earth Future, “Peace in the 21st century” video interview with Sanam Anderlini [ Nov 2014]

Women’s E-News, “Take Women Seriously In Fight Against ISIS” ICAN citation [Nov 2014]

Slate, “Would an Iranian Nuclear Deal Be Good for Human Rights?” Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Nov 2014]

BBC World, “Sexism: Who is to blame?” Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Nov 2014]

AlJazeera, “Iran acid attacks put ‘moral policing’ law into question” Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Nov 2014]

IPS, “Women Challenged by Rising Extremism and Militarism” ICAN citation [Nov 2014]

The Elders, “Are women really peaceful?” by Sanam Anderlini [Nov 2014]

IPS, “Another Women’s Treaty? Implement Existing One, Say NGO.” Interview with Sanam Anderlini[Oct 2014]

BBC World, “Sexism: Who is to blame?” Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Oct 2014]

NIAC “The Role of Women in the Future of Iran.” Panel with Sanam Anderlini [Sept 2014]

Global Post “Ending violence against women: It’s not just about being ‘nice’.” Interview with Sanam Anderlini [June 2014]

Global Post “Ending violence against women: When ‘knowing’ doesn’t translate into ‘doing.’” Interview with Sanam Anderlini [June 2014]

Inter Press Service, “U.N. Releases Guidelines on Reparations for Victims of Sexual Violence.” Interview with Sanam Anderlini [June 2014]

Open Democracy, “Hopes and fears: Summit to end sexual violence in conflict.” by Sanam Anderlini [June 2014]

Inter Press Service, “Op-ed: Iran Human Rights: President Rouhani, Listen to Your Public.” by Sussan Tahmasebi [May 2014]

IPI Global Observatory. “Anderlini: Who are These Women, Anyway?” Interview with Sanam Anderlini [March 2014]

International Service for Human Rights, “UN event spotlights the protection needs of Women Human Rights Defenders,”Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [March 2014]

Inter Press Service, “Women Still Walk Two Steps Behind in Arab World,” Interview with Sanam Anderlini [March 2014]

NPR, “Iranian Expats: Iranian State ‘Not A Monolith’,” Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Nov 2013]

ABC News Australia, “Iranian activists work for movement on women’s right,” Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Nov 2013]

Amnesty International, “The One Million Signatures Campaign: An Effort Born on the Streets,” by Sussan Tahmasebi [Sept 2013]

AWID “Breaking Through The Iron Ceiling: Iran’s New Government And The Hopes Of The Iranian Women’s Movements” [Sept 2013]

Radio Free Europe, “Perhaps Bowing to Pressure, Rohani Appoints Woman to Iranian Cabinet” [August 2013]

BBC Radio 4, “The New Iranian President and Women’s Rights” [August 2013]

Lobe Log, “What About Women in Iraq?” [March 2013]

Trust Law, “Women’s rights under growing pressure in Arab world” [March 2013]

Foreign Policy’s Stephen Walt names Anderlini a fresh thinker on Middle East policy [Nov 2012]

Peace & Collaborative Development Network, Interview with Sanam Anderlini [Nov 2012]

Nobel Women’s Initiative, “Sanctions on Iran Impact Women” [Aug 2012]

The Guardian, “Sanctions on Iran: ‘ordinary people are the target’” [Aug 2012]

National Iranian-American Council, “Sanctioning Iranian Women” [July 2012]

Lobe Log, “Sanctions and the shaping of Iran’s ‘resistance economy’” [July 2012]

Human Rights Watch, “Fighting for Women’s Rights in Iran” [Oct 2011]

The Daily Beast, “Without Women’s Rights, No Democracy” [March 2011]

World Radio Switzerland, Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Nov 2010]

Association for Women’s Rights in Development, Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi [Jan 2009]

ICAN Partners In the News

Global Post, “7 women peacemakers who should be on your radar” profiles of Humaira Saqib, Malika Jurakulova, Visaka Dharmadasa, Mossaret Qadeem, Ala Ali, Farida El-Allaghi, Ozlem Yasak [March 2015]

New America, “US Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism Must Prioritize Women” highlighting Mossarat Qadeem [March 2015]

IPS, “Discrimination by Law” by Rana Allam [Feb 2015]

USIP, “Countering Extremist Violence: Local Activists Already Doing the Job” panel recap with Fatima al-Bahadly [Feb 2015]

MERIP, “Women’s Rights Activists Between State Violence and Intervention” by Parastou Hassouri [Nov 2014]

Annahar, نساء من 13 دولة التقيّن في تركيا لمواجهة التشدّد الديني والعسكري الولاء لـ”داعش” يتفشّى من درنة إلى آسيا الوسطى والحكومات عاجزة by Sawssan Abou-Zahr [Nov 2014]

Nobel Women’s Initiative, interview with Elissa Shamma at ICAN’s 2014 Forum [Nov 2014]

Nobel Women’s Initiative, interview with Rana Allam at ICAN’s 2014 Forum [Nov 2014]

Peace Direct, “A religious fanatic turned peace advocate,” by Sawssan Abou-Zahr [Nov 2014]

Global Post “It’s time for Iraqis to look at the failures of our own government,” op-ed [July 2014]

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa “Personal Status Law in Iraq,” radio interview with Basma AlKhateeb, Iraq [April 2014]

ABC Australia “Sri Lankan peace negotiator calls for greater women’s involvement,” radio interview with Visaka Dharmadasa, Sri Lanka [March 2014]

NPR “Egyptian Women Want To Be Recognized in Revolution,” radio interview with Maissan Hassan, Egypt [March 2014]

IPS “Egyptian Women Victims of Cultural Traditions,” article by Azza Suleiman, Egypt [March 2014]

IPS “Libyan Women Speak Up For Constitutional Rights,” event recap with Farida Allaghi, Libya [March 2014]

ABC Australia “Aid workers say legislation failing to protect Afghan women from increasing violence.” radio interview with Mary Akrami, Afghanistan [Dec 2013]

Nobel Women’s Initiative, interview with Visaka Dharmadasa, Sri Lanka [Nov 2013]

BBC Women’s Hour, podcast interview with Mossarat Qadeem, Pakistan [Sep 2013]

Our Work


The exchange is to be a mechanism for regular interaction and dialogue on issues, ideas and solutions between senior representatives of governments and members of WASL and other independent CSOs that have experience in the area of preventing and countering violent extremism.


Program 1

The Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership brings together existing women rights and peace practitioners, organizations, and networks actively engaged in preventing extremism and promoting peace, rights and pluralism, to enable their systematic and strategic collaboration.

Program 1

Early inclusion of women and civil society in peace processes–and at the negotiating table–can make a positive difference. The Better Peace Initiative offers succinct explanations of the processes, why gender matters and how to ensure inclusivity and gender sensitivity in peace making.

The Innovative Peace Fund provide grants and technical assistance to our partners to support their innovative local solutions and enable women’s leadership in 
promoting plurality, peace and countering extremism.

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