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Freeing the Kidnapped in Yemen’s War

How Yemeni Mothers Succeeded Where Everyone Else Failed.
Thousands of young men are being forcibly disappeared in Yemen, and mediation efforts by the United Nations envoys, the Red Cross, and many other international organizations have not been successful. The only successful group so far is a coalition of Yemeni mothers, the Abductees’ Mothers’ Association.

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Visaka Dharmadasa Responds to ICPPG’s Letter

On March 8, Visaka Dharmadasa, Founder and Chair of the Association of War Affected Women (AWAW) was invited to speak at Buckingham Palace on the topic of WPS. Two weeks later, the International Center for Prevention and Prosecution Genocide (ICPPG) published an open letter attacking Ms. Dharmadasa. Read her response to the false allegations of ICPPG.

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Muna Luqman Briefs UNSC on Yemen

WASL Member, Food4Humanity founder, co-founding member of the Women Solidarity Network, and partner of the Peace Track Initiative, Muna Luqman, has briefed the UN Security Council today on Yemen.

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Wishing You A Happy NowRuz!

ICAN wishes all our friends, supporters and WASL family a peaceful and joyous NowRuz and spring.
We look forward to our continued partnerships in our quest for peace, justice and dignity for all.

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