Muna Luqman Briefs UNSC on Yemen

WASL Member, Food4Humanity founder, co-founding member of the Women Solidarity Network, and partner of the Peace Track Initiative, Muna Luqman, has briefed the UN Security Council today on Yemen.

Peace Heroes: Muna Luqman and the Role of Women in War-Stricken Yemen

We spoke to Yemeni peace activist Muna Luqman, co-founder of the Women Solidarity Network and member of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), about the war in Yemen, its devastating ramifications, and about the strength of Yemeni women in the face of this destruction.

In Hodeidah, Yemeni Women Saving Lives at the Frontlines of a Devastating War

As the Saudi-led coalition storms the airport compound of Yemen’s main port Hodiedah, in attempts to recapture the city which is considered the lifeline for food and medicine imports into Yemen, fears mount for the safety of its 400,000 residents. “Now we focus on Hodeidah,” says Muna Luqman, founder and director of Food4Humanity which has been providing humanitarian aid to conflict-affected Yemenis.