Pakistan’s PAIMAN: Peace Networks of Women Leaders to Combat Violent Extremism

With support from ICAN’s Innovative Peace Fund (IPF), PAIMAN has been actively working in the Charsadda district of Pakistan to strengthen its TOLANA network, a peace network comprising over 150 women, mainly mothers. The aim is to equip these women with the necessary tools to improve their livelihoods and combat violent extremism effectively.

Invisible Women: Gendered Dimensions of Return, Rehabilitation and Reintegration from Violent Extremism

This report contributes a gendered analysis of approaches to the disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration of women and girls associated with violent extremism. It highlights the gaps in current policies and practice, as well as the solutions that are emerging in part from the experiences and innovations of women-led civil society initiatives. The report concludes with practical recommendations for policymakers and programming guidance for practitioners.

Engendering Extremism: Working Paper by Mossarat Qadeem to LSE

Drawing on work with PAIMAN in Pakistan, this paper, written by WASL Partner and PAIMAN co-founder Mossarat Qadeem for the LSE Center for Women, Peace and Security, shows how women at various levels of Pakistani society can advance the cause for a more robust strategy on P/CVE.