She Builds Peace in Palestine: Wi’am

Wi’am launched the She Builds Peace Campaign in Palestine to advance women’s participation in peacebuilding and support the cause of Palestinian Unity.

“Exist to Resist”: Survival and Activism under Occupation

The February 1st military coup in Myanmar brutally crushed dissent, and the crackdowns and killings continue. In May another resurgence of violence in Palestine and Israel brought renewed attention to this 54-year conflict. How do social activists survive and thrive when the tanks roll in, the bombs drop, the raids and the arbitrary arrests begin? These, among other questions, were discussed on June 29th at the fifth session of the Coming of Age of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda series, entitled ‘Survival and Activism under Occupation’, focusing on Myanmar and Palestine.

Palestine’s Wi’am: Enhancing the Active Participation of Elected Female Council Members

Established in 1994, the Wi’am: The Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center (Wi’am) is a Palestinian grassroots organization that seeks to improve community relations, resolve conflicts, and promote peaceful dialogue. Through empowering youth and women with practical life skills and knowledge of civic and legal rights, Wi’am aims to be a catalyst for political and social transformation.

Palestinian Activist Lucy Talgieh wins in local elections

On May 13, 2017, Palestinians went to the polls to elect representatives for their local municipal representatives. Among the candidates, was Lucy Talgieh.  A peace and human rights activist, and working as the Women’s Project Coordinator at the Wiam Palestinian...