An Association of Liberian Women Peacebuilders Gain Visibility and Legitimacy Resolving Community Disputes

ICAN’s Senior Program Officer, Stacey Schamber, and WASL member and Executive Director of WEDOL, Rosaline Cassell, spoke about the far-reaching impacts of the She Builds Peace campaign in Liberia.

WEDOL launched She Builds Peace with a parade and panel discussion in Margibi County, attracting over 300 participants, including the police and local authorities. The event garnered public recognition for Liberian women peacebuilders and opened dialogue about how they can be supported and protected. On the back of the launch, WEDOL also established a “village savings and loan association” (VSLA) for women peacebuilders. Through the association, the members have taken the lead in resolving community-level conflicts; they are working with local chiefs and gaining visibility and legitimacy for their roles.

She Builds Peace in Cameroon: PaWED

Pathways for Women’s Empowerment and Development (PaWED) organized a She Builds Peace campaign launch event for women peacebuilders to present their work, network and develop partnerships.

She Builds Peace in Syria: Zenobia

Based in Turkey, Zenobia Association organized two home sessions for Syrian women in the Turkish states of Gaziantep and Shanley Urfa to enable women peacebuilders to understand the Syrian context and the causes of conflict.

She Builds Peace in Tunisia

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