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ICAN disseminates research and analysis produced by members of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), facilitating design, layout, and translation to English as needed. These reports are wholly the work of our partners and ICAN is not involved in their creation.




Qualitative Research on Conflict-

Related Sexual Violence in Myanmar



About the Report

This research project was designed to collect qualitative data on conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) in five states of Myanmar. The cases present a troubling snapshot of a consistent pattern of CRSV throughout the country and a high level of gender-based violence (GBV).

UNHEARD VOICES helps give context to the lived experiences of survivors and points to an immediate and pressing need to provide greater support, services, economic opportunities and accountability. This report includes five recommendations for the international community and a democratically-elected government in Myanmar.



 I am Afraid to Die and No One Knows


Prepared and Authored by:

Abductees’ Mothers’ Association

Translated to English by:

Lama Drebati

Reviewed by:

Muna Luqman

Participation Framework

About the Report

The report I Am Afraid to Die, and No One Knows focuses on conditions in women’s prisons in Yemen, using the Central Prison in Sana’a as a model. It delves into problems in living conditions in the Central Prison—such as overcrowding, a lack of healthcare services, and physical abuse—before exploring the categories of women detained in the prison. It features testimonials from or about current and former prisoners that detail why they were detained and what they experienced while imprisoned. The report concludes with concrete and gender-sensitive steps that can be taken to improve circumstances within Yemeni prisons, support due process for all detainees, and promote a safer and more successful reintegration of former detainees into society. Please note that some content in the report may be distressing to some readers.

Protection Framework

عن التقرير

يركز تقرير أخاف أن أموت ولا يدري أحد على الظروف السائدة في سجون النساء في اليمن، ويستخدم السجن المركزي في صنعاء كنموذج. يتطرق التقرير إلى المشاكل المتعلقة بظروف المعيشة في السجن المركزي، مثل الاكتظاظ، ونقص خدمات الرعاية الصحية، وسوء المعاملة البدنية، ثم يستكشف فئات النساء المحتجزات في السجن. ويقدم شهادات من السجينات الحاليات والسابقات أو عنهن، وتقدم هذه الشهادات التفاصيل التي تخص أسباب احتجازهن وما تعرضن له أثناء سجنهن. ويخلص التقرير إلى خطوات ملموسة مراعية للفوارق بين الجنسين يمكن اتخاذها لتحسين الظروف داخل السجون اليمنية، ودعم الإجراءات القانونية الواجبة لجميع المحتجزين، وتعزيز إعادة إدماج المحتجزين السابقين في المجتمع على نحو أكثر أماناً.

 .يرجى ملاحظة أن بعض المحتويات الواردة في التقرير قد تكون مؤلمة لبعض الأشخاص 

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