To ensure that women’s work at the frontlines is valued and understood, it is essential for their experiences to be amplified

The Egyptian Revolution Continues

The Egyptian Revolution Continues

A Commentary by Rana Allam.
Despite the Egyptian regime’s guns and tanks, and the farcical elections, the revolution of the minds cannot be stopped.

Rise of Feminism & the Renewed Battle for Women’s Rights

Iran After Protests: Change Does Come

By Sanam Naraghi Anderlini
If past events are any predictor of the present, it would be erroneous to assume that they will result in either the status quo remaining or the hardline reasserting control.

Rise of Feminism & the Renewed Battle for Women’s Rights

Peacekeeping is a Woman’s Job

Some 17 years after the UN resolution on women, peace and security, women make up just 5 percent of deployed blue helmets. It’s time to find the political will to upend the status quo.

The Egyptian Revolution Continues

Jerusalem: A High Price For An Unnecessary Move

By handing Israel the city of Jerusalem, which Palestinians view as the heart of the two-state solution, Trump has killed any hope of a viable peace process. Rana Allam writes on the repercussions of Trump’s move to the peace process, peace advocates and the Palestinian people’s plight



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The Inter Press Service News Agency recently featured the new Global Alliance of Women Countering Extremism and Promoting Peace, Rights, and Pluralism. "Responding to the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's call for unity, a coalition of over 25 women’s groups and...

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Mrs. Hajja Hamsatu Allamin, video profile by IsDB

Mrs. Hajja Hamsatu Allamin, video profile by IsDB

Watch the video profile created by the Islamic Development Bank for WASL partner and founder of Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development in Nigeria, Mrs. Hamsatu Allamin as she wins the IDB’s prize for women’s contribution to development.

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