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A collaborative campaign and a global call to action to stand with women peacebuilders.

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She Builds Peace is a global collaborative campaign to support women peacebuilders to soar, by ensuring their safety and protection, fulfilling obligations to make peace and security inclusive, and appreciating and resourcing the critical work women peacebuilders do to build a future in which all can flourish. Since March 2020, over 44 members  of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL) across more than 31 countries  have facilitated launch events. Launches vary depending on the context and include meetings with national, regional, and local government officials; workshops with women peacebuilders, youth, and other stakeholders about the campaign goals and pillars; and events, media campaigns, and online advocacy to increase community awareness of women peacebuilders.

Many partners had to move their launches online as the COVID-19 pandemic continued, leading to innovative solutions ranging from a hackathon with Tunisian youth (mostly women) on ways to increase awareness of women peacebuilders to a six-day online webinar, facilitated in Kashmir, India, on women’s rights and women’s roles in peacebuilding. Following their initial launch, many partners have included the She Builds Peace campaign in their work, including through training and community humanitarian work. She Builds Peace is a framework for diverse stakeholders to partner with ICAN in working toward its goals. By building a global coalition we believe we can realize measurable success by 2025. Learn about about country activities below.

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