Now in Farsi/Persian: 10 Steps to Ensure a Gender-Responsive & Inclusive Constitution-Drafting Process

ICAN’s Better Peace Initiative (BPI) guidance document, 10 Steps to Ensure a Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Constitution-Drafting Process is now available in Farsi/ Persian! ICAN’s guidance, including our “10 pointers” are developed with the intention to inform a variety of stakeholders in their peacebuilding advocacy and practice. Governments, international organizations, women peacebuilders and other civil society all benefit from these to-the-point materials that focus on the “how to” aspects of inclusive peacemaking.

U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: What Withdrawal Means for Afghan Women & the Future

On May 7th, the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) and ICAN hosted a high-level discussion featuring key Afghan women and policy leaders long engaged in the situation in Afghanistan. In light of the announced military withdrawal of United States (U.S.) forces, the panelists discussed its potential implications on the peace process, the tremendous gains of Afghan women, girls, and minorities over the last 20 years, and potential humanitarian and refugee crises, as well as necessary measures to prevent a return to Taliban rule and regional destabilization.