ICAN Partner AWAPSA: A Catalyst for Kenya’s First SGBV Court

Funded by ICAN’s Innovative Peace Fund (IPF), AWAPSA launched a project across Kenya’s coastal counties to increase awareness of SGBV, educate women and girls on how to report instances of SGBV, and facilitate the reporting of cases to the police. One of the most significant and unforeseen outcomes of AWAPSA’s project was the establishment of Kenya’s first special court for handling SGBV cases, which opened in March 2022, at Shanzu Law Courts, Mombasa.

She Builds Peace in Kenya: AWAPSA

On March 17, 2022, AWAPSA convened 50 women including security actors, provincial administrators, religious leaders and other key stakeholders to lobby the government to establish a fund to support women peacebuilders’ work. The event marked the launch of AWAPSA’s She Builds Peace campaign in Mombasa county, Kenya.

She Builds Peace in Kenya: COEC

COEC launched the She Builds Peace campaign with a conference that brought together government officials, religious clergy, members of peace committees, and women peacebuilders for a discussion on the role of women peacebuilders in Kenya.

Kenya’s COEC: Gender-Inclusivity and Countering Violent Extremism

With support from ICAN’s Innovative Peace Fund (IPF), COEC created the Coast Women’s CVE Charter, which it presented to the Government of Kenya in October 2018. The recommendations focused on psychosocial support, gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation of CVE policy and programs, and fund availability to women-led organizations.