She Builds Peace in Syria

The She Builds Peace campaign launched in Syria with eight local events across the country, supported by Mobaderoon.

Innovative Peace Story: Syria’s Mobaderoon

Mobaderoon is a non-profit institution that supports civil society organizations in the Arab region through consulting and training services adapted to meet specific needs and challenges of local communities

Peace Heroes: Najlaa El Sheikh Helps Syrian Women Refugees Become Business Owners

“I often dream the jasmine returns to Syria to decorate and perfume our streets.”
As the Syrian regime rained barrel bombs on her hometown in Syria, Najlaa and her family were forced to flee to Turkey where she established the first organization led by a Syrian woman to help other women refugees with literacy, economic empowerment, and psychosocial support.
Peace Hero Najlaa El Sheikh speaks to ICAN about her journey, her work, and her dreams.

Realizing Real Peace in Syria

Amidst the violence, thousands of Syrians are working for peace in their communities but the voices of Syrian civil society and peace actors are missing from the negotiating table.