A Home Away from Home: How Kareemat Supports Syrian Refugees’ Integration to Life in Kilis, Turkey

The ongoing war in Syria has resulted in the world’s largest refugee crisis with more than 13 million people forcibly displaced since the beginning of the conflict in 2011. Kilis, a Turkish border city, is the main point of entry from Syria and is home to around 200,000 Syrians.

Kareemat, a women-led peacebuilding organization in Kilis, Turkey, is making a profound impact on Syrian refugee women and their families. Supported by ICAN, Kareemat addresses the challenges of displacement, isolation, and economic hardships through psychological support, language classes, and economic empowerment resources, fostering integration and reducing tensions between Turkish and Syrian communities.

Women Peacebuilders’ Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal

ICAN is fundraising to support the urgent humanitarian needs of its partners in the earthquake-affected region and the communities they serve. We are raising funds to help them with safe shelter, blankets, food, water and medicine, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Please donate if you can.

She Builds Peace in Syria: Zenobia

Based in Turkey, Zenobia Association organized two home sessions for Syrian women in the Turkish states of Gaziantep and Shanley Urfa to enable women peacebuilders to understand the Syrian context and the causes of conflict.

She Builds Peace in Syria: Rawafed

Rawafed launched the “She Builds Peace” campaign in order to create a space for women peacebuilders to reflect on their civic activism in society.