Based on consultations with Syrian civil society partners, a group of international NGOs recently published a five-step approach to ensuring the effective participation and rights of women in the Syrian peace and mediation process. This is a critical element in achieving a just and sustainable peace in Syria. The paper offers five steps to ensuring this outcome in the ongoing international efforts related to the mediation process. These steps also ensure that the foundations are laid for the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 (2000), 1889 (2008) and 2122 (2013).

  1. Women in Formal Delegations
  2. An Independent Women’s Delegation
  3. Gender Experts & Expertise
  4. Gendered Documentation & Position Papers
  5. Independent Civil Society Forum with a Fair Representation of Women

This working paper was prepared by: DemocraShe, Human Rights Watch, ICAN, Kvinna til Kvinna, Oxfam and WILPF. Please contact ICAN for more information about women’s participation in the Syrian peace and mediation process.

Read the full working paper: 5 Steps to Inclusive Syrian Mediation Process.

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