It’s time for a transformative leap forward for women, global peace, and security.

Celebrating the Courage and Conviction of Women Peacebuilders
The barrel of a gun offers no answers, but dialogue, decency and care can make a world of difference—and build a different world.

Every day, we hear stories of communities—around us, and around the world—being torn apart by conflict, violence, and extremism.

But there is another side to these stories—one we haven’t heard.
It’s the side of women peacebuilders: courageous but often unseen leaders countering the choice of violence with the choice of peace.

What is the She Builds Peace Campaign?

She Builds Peace is a collaborative campaign and a global call to action for you to stand with women peacebuilders. Our goal is to ensure that women peacebuilders are safe and protected, that governments fulfill their obligations to include them in peace and security decision making, and that women peacebuilders are appreciated and resourced to continue their critical work.

Join Us

She Builds Peace is your invitation to stand with women peacebuilders so they can SOAR—and together, we can build a safer and more peaceful world for everyone.

The Campaign Activation Kit gives you all the information you need to take action and mobilize your community in standing with women peacebuilders. In it you'll find campaign information, learn why we need women peacebuilders now more than ever, and access campaign identity and branding.

Download the Campaign Activation Kit and stand with women peacebuilders today.

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Why Stand with Women Peacebuilders?

Because it is time we valued and rewarded peace actors, not just warring parties, who hide behind their weapons and their threats.

Because women peacebuilders are sustaining peace and life in the midst of war. They deserve respect, recognition, and their rightful seat at the table, where their futures and that of other families and countries are being decided.

Because they are the courageous women at the frontlines of solving some of the world’s most complex problems.


International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN)

ICAN promotes inclusive and sustainable peace in countries affected by violent conflict, extremism, militarism, and closing political space. Recognizing the gendered impact of conflict and the critical role of women peacebuilders, we fulfill our mission through a dual strategy of:

  • Shaping and influencing the peace and security policies of governments, multilateral organizations, and the wider international community by providing thought leadership, strategic advice, and gender-responsive analysis and operational guidance; and
  • Sustaining and strengthening a global movement of innovative locally rooted women peacebuilders to have voice and influence wherever matters of peace, violent conflict, rights, and human security are determined.

We bring the word and spirit of  UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the global women, peace and security agenda to life.

Our Partners

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We are standing with women peacebuilders to SOAR toward a future in which all can flourish—will you join us?


The work of women peacebuilders is dangerous by nature, and they are often targeted for doing it. We must ensure they are safe and have the protection they need so they can build a more peaceful world for us all.


Nations around the world have promised to make peace and security inclusive through ten UN Security Council Resolutions. Governments must fulfill their obligations to ensure women peacebuilders a seat at the table.


Women peacebuilders are courageous and effective leaders, building the bridges to end violence and bring their communities together. Their work is difficult and dangerous. We can play a part in building peace by appreciating women peacebuilders.


We know the solutions to our world’s problems begin with peace, yet resources rarely follow. Women peacebuilders receive less than one percent of global aid spending. We must shift our resources to focus on putting the world back together, instead of tearing it apart.

Who are Women Peacebuilders?

The First 

Women peacebuilders are the superheroes that step in, stand up and speak out against violence. They are the first responders, who negotiate with armed actors to get food and medicine to the most needy, help the displaced and the victims of rape and torture, and call for dialogue instead of more deaths to resolve conflicts.


Women peacebuilders imagine a life free of violence, offering dignity and rights and security for everyone. They recognize that for peace to take root, the truths and the pain of all sides must be heard.

The Voices of 
Their Communities

Women peacebuilders listen to the women and men in their communities and amplify their voices in the world, demand ceasefires, disarm fighters, and show that true courage means resolving conflicts with words not guns.


When others are fueled by fear and mistrust and cannot imagine living side by side together in peace, women peacebuilders are envisioning a different future, where violence does not determine lives. They’re building communities as the space for trust and acceptance, where pluralism, equality and dignity for all is valued. They are creating islands of positive peace even in a sea of violence. They show how we waste resources on weapons and militaries when they could go towards development and dignity for all.

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Frameworks For Action

The She Builds Peace Frameworks for Action provide analyses of who women peacebuilders are, what they do, and why their meaningful participation in peace and security processes is imperative to create lasting peace

They outline the threats they face and why funding for women peacebuilders needs to increase. 

They also offer concrete, actionable recommendations for states and multilateral organizations to take to improve the safety,  sustainability, and success of women peacebuilders and their work.