WASL Statement: An Urgent 7-Point Plan to End the Killings and Violence in Palestine and Israel

Members of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL)—peacebuilders, mediators, human rights activists, and community leaders living and working at the frontlines of many of today’s devastating wars—released a statement calling upon global political leaders to demand an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. The statement outlines a comprehensive set of actions that enable a pathway to a more just and peaceful future.

Call for Female Heads of State to Protect our Afghan Colleagues and Sisters

The Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL) and Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth (WMC) authored this letter to female heads of state on behalf of Afghan colleagues and sisters. The letter requests meetings with political leaders to ensure the protection of Afghan women, specifically with regard to issuing visas for resettlement, safeguarding human rights within country, upholding measures against forced marriage, and the inclusion of Afghan women in dialogue with the Taliban and the delivery of gender-responsive humanitarian aid.

Urgent Demand to Donors from the Feminist Action for Afghanistan

The Feminist Action for Afghanistan (FAA) in which ICAN participates is sending this letter to States, the UN agencies, and INGOs to keep the focus on the priority needs for Afghanistan and to ensure that Afghan women are absolutely present and shaping policy in these critical areas of concern.