ICAN Launches Guidance Document on Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Constitution-Drafting Processes

ICAN’s Better Peace Initiative (BPI) is launching a new resource! 10 Steps to Ensure a Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Constitution-Drafting Process is a practical guidance document intended to inform governments, international organizations, women peacebuilders and other civil society advocating for and engaged in constitutional reform processes. Women have a key role to play in developing constitutions that will ensure equal rights for all and adhere to the principles of the global women, peace and security (WPS) agenda. These 10 steps on how to ensure inclusion are now available in English and Arabic.

A Better Peace for Afghan Women

An Op-Ed by Malalai Habibi and Helena Grönberg discussing the ongoing Afghanistan peace talks, and the international community’s obligation to ensure an inclusive and gender-responsive processes.

ICAN launches Better Peace Animations in Kiswahili

In time for the 20th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, we are delighted to launch two of our Better Peace Initiative (BPI) animations in Kiswahili. These are the first animations to be translated into Kiswahili and we hope they will be valuable for a variety of stakeholders engaged in mediation at various levels and committed to inclusive and gender responsive peace and security processes.   

Better Peace Tool – Swahili

Ubunifu huu unaangazia maelezo na uvumbuzi wa kuleta amani katika nyakati. Inazingatia viegezo sita vya kawaida vya ujumuishaji na jinsi ya kutatua.