The 2-page advocacy document (launched in English in January 2019) is a practical guidance piece intended to inform governments, international organizations, and civil society organizations involved in local, national and regional ceasefire negotiations. The 10 steps were developed in consultation with participants in ICAN’s first Executive Seminar and Certification Course on Gendered and Inclusive Mediation (Ottawa, July 2018), with additional input from various individuals and organizations.

As the demand and momentum for gendered peacemaking and women’s inclusion grows, women peacebuilders and personnel in state and multilateral institutions are requesting guidance to inform their work. To meet this demand, we develop innovative tools – including this series of 10 step advocacy documents – that can be used by diplomats, governments and grassroots peacebuilders to ensure inclusivity and gender sensitivity in peace making. We also deliver tailored seminars, mediation trainings and capacity building for a range of actors. Our materials are adaptable to local contexts while ensuring that core principles and values necessary to guarantee an inclusive process are considered. We welcome translation requests as well as suggestions for advocacy issues to tackle.

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We thank WASL member CIASE and Rosa Emilia Salamanca Gonzales for assisting and editing this Spanish translation.

We are grateful to Global Affairs Canada, the Compton Foundation, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the UNDP for supporting the Better Peace Initiative!

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