ICAN partner Mozn Hassan from Nazra Institute for Feminist Studies (Egypt) received the inaugural Charlotte Bunch Human Rights Defender Award on April 17th, 2013 at the Global Fund for Women’s 25th Anniversary Gala. The award was also presented to two other women’s rights advocates: Mónica Roa from Women’s Link Worldwide (Colombia) and Stasa Zajovic from Women in Black (Serbia).

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The Nazra Institute for Feminist Studies is the first program in Egypt to focus on women’s human rights defenders. Nazra mainstreams the ideas of gender and feminism in private and public spheres showcasing that they are indeed vital social and political issues. Nazra believes in gender equality in every society but focuses on aiding youth groups due to their diversity and eagerness.

This human rights award was named in honor of Professor Charlotte Bunch. “For the last 25 years, the Global Fund for Women has provided women globally with the resources necessary to make the human rights of women a reality. I am thrilled to be honored at the Gala; I see this as a tribute to women’s rights defenders everywhere and to the next generation of feminist activists who are bringing the women’s movement into the 21st century,” said Charlotte Bunch.Global fund for women logo

The Global Fund for Women is the largest publicly supported foundation that advances women’s human rights by investing in women-led organizations worldwide. Our international network of supporters mobilizes financial and other resources to support women’s actions for social justice, equality and peace. Since 1987, the Global Fund has provided more than $100 million to more than 4200 women-led organizations in 170+ countries around the world.

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