On behalf of WASL, ICAN is spearheading a series of GSX thematic working group meetings on topics that WASL members have identified as critical to the dynamics of extremism and militarism. We are highlighting new dimensions and bringing a gendered lens to the discussions, analysis, and advocacy on the topics which to date include: Security Interventions, Neoliberal Economics, and Education.

GSX Working Group Meetings:

“Security Interventions and Violent Extremism,” London, February 27-28. Hosted by RUSI and supported by the UK and Norway.

“The Nexus of Neoliberal Economics and Extremism,” New York, March 10. Hosted by UNDP.

“Preventing Violent Extremism by Educating for Rights, Peace and Pluralism,” Paris, March 30-31. Hosted by UNESCO.

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