A Global Solutions Exchange Workshop

“Peacebuilding in the Age of Corona: What it Means and Why it Matters”

As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps across conflict affected and fragile states, women-led peacebuilding organizations have been the first responders in their communities and among the most marginalized sectors of society. They were the first to call for ceasefires and support the UN Secretary General call for global ceasefires. They have been providing food rations and hygiene supplies. They are dealing with the pandemic of gender violence and leading prevention and response efforts where governments are absent. With rising xenophobia and extremism, they are also among the most trusted local groups to challenge the message of extremists and promote social cohesion. Despite their essential role, this sector and the social capital it encapsulates, is at great risk given the prospect of reduced foreign aid funding and allocation of existing resources to health services.

The LSE Centre for Women, Peace, and Security and the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) will host a virtual Global Solutions Exchange (GSX) meeting in two parts. It will be an invitation- only convening of policy makers, community practitioners and researchers as well as other key stakeholders who are actively engaged at this nexus of peacebuilding and COVID-19 in fragile and conflict affected settings to discuss why and how peacebuilding practices globally and locally are necessary for a successful recovery from this pandemic.

With a focus on real time activities on the ground in conflict zones, the discussions will provide in-depth analysis of the emerging trends, highlight the contributions of community based, particularly women-led peacebuilding organizations and generate practical guidance to inform donors’ and development organizations’ aid policies

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