Dear Friends,

Afghanistan may have faded from our screens, but the situation in the country has gone from bad to worse. Amidst a growing humanitarian crisis, the Taliban has reversed its decision on girls’ secondary education, women continue to face restrictions, including the right to work and a ban on being in public without a male guardian. The Taliban have arrested and raped women who have dared to protest. Even schoolgirls have been imprisoned.

At the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), we rarely ask for individual donations but, these are unprecedented times. I am writing to ask for your help as we continue supporting our Afghan partners and their families.

ICAN has worked with extraordinary Afghan women community activists and their organizations since 2012. In August when Kabul fell to the Taliban, our Afghan partners and their networks of local peacebuilders were suddenly under direct threat. They and their families came to us because nobody else responded to their calls for help.

In total, ICAN is helping 2318 people (561 families). 62% (348 families) have women principals, meaning they are at risk due to the work of a female family member. They include peace and rights activists, journalists, lawyers and police officers. So far, we have assisted with the evacuation and resettlement of 502 people. Yet, 428 families (1803 people) remain in Afghanistan needing emergency support. We need your help to continue helping them.

As we enter spring and globally people celebrate and observe Ramadan, Easter, and Passover, our goal is to raise $350 per family for food, shelter, and healthcare. With your contributions we will provide them a critical lifeline while we continue to work on resettlement processes, or the security situation improves, and new work opportunities arise.

Donations are tax deductible and 100% of all funds received go directly to these families. Please click here to donate and share widely with your networks.

Thank you to those who helped us last year. Together we raised and disbursed $389,556 for:

  • Food, medical care, shelter, communications, and mental health care to families;
  • Support to local women’s organizations to continue their work assisting victims of sexual violence, providing mental health care, and documenting atrocities; and
  • Safe houses, evacuation, and resettlement assistance for at-risk individuals.

To learn more about ICAN, please visit our website, read more about our work in the media, including Newsweek.

At ICAN we will continue to do all that we can. Your contribution will make a difference. We thank you in advance for standing with us.

Sanam Naraghi Anderlini MBE
Founder and CEO, International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN)


+1 202-355-8220

1126 16th Street NW Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036

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