The lack of quality financing for peacebuilding is a major challenge to sustainable peace. Quality financing is adequate, flexible, predictable, and sustainable financial mechanisms for local women peacebuilders who are the first responders to crises and best positioned to advance sustainable peace in their communities. Improving resources available to diverse women peacebuilders is critical in our current political context where the global economy continues to grapple with economic disruptions caused by COVID-19, as well as ongoing crises and conflicts. However, despite their crucial role in achieving inclusive and sustainable peace, women-led peacebuilding organizations and networks consistently lack access to adequate financing.

This outcome document from the multi-stakeholder dialogues series on innovative solutions for feminist financing for peacebuilding outlines five key priorities moving forward: 

  1.  Ensuring that peacebuilding financing is feminist 
  2.  Increasing the quantity and quality of financing for women peacebuilders 
  3.  Building relationships of trust between donors and women peacebuilders 
  4.  Earmarking peacebuilding allocations across the peace-development-humanitarian nexus (the Triple Nexus) 
  5.  Promoting coordination among existing donors and funding mechanisms. 

The donor community cannot change the peacebuilding funding landscape alone. Building on the momentum created by the High-Level Meeting on Financing for Peacebuilding and the renewed attention of the international community to financing for local peacebuilding, we will use the findings from the dialogues series to explore and advocate for innovative solutions for feminist financing for peacebuilding. Together with donors, UN partners and civil society, we can realize the above priorities, and ensure that existing mechanisms reduce duplication and maximize impact. The process will be locally rooted in the priorities of women-led peacebuilding organizations.

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