Mobaderoon is a non-profit organization that supports civil society organizations in Syria through consulting and training services adapted to meet the specific needs and challenges of local communities. Mobaderoon is instrumental in connecting people and communities across war-torn Syria and is widely recognized for its ability to reach the country’s most vulnerable citizens, despite the challenges of ongoing military conflict, wholly fractured communities, minimal infrastructure, and a disproportionately high number of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Informed by its engagement with more than 7,000 women leaders across the country, Mobaderoon identified that Syrian women, though active in their communities, lacked a framework to situate their peace and prevention work in a national or global context. Mobaderoon promotes active citizenship and youth development through its network of activists and organizations by creating safe dialogue spaces. They work to address sensitive issues pertaining to peace and conflict resolution, find common ground across political or other differences and lead the change through shared learning, capacity-building programs, and monitoring and evaluation. 

Supporting and Developing Young Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

With support from the IPF in 2019 in an ongoing project, Mobaderoon created a formal network of emerging women peacebuilders in Syria. They provided financial and technical assistance to 10 newly formed organizations and facilitated a series of capacity building workshops. Mobaderoon continues to support these organizations as they implement their learnings from the capacity building workshops into their own projects to increase women’s roles in peacebuilding processes and reduce extremism and violence. As a result of Mobaderoon’s support and interventions, the organizations will be financially and administratively self-sustaining.  

Mobaderoon subsequently organized in-country high-level meetings, attended by local organizations, community leaders, and project coordinators, to assess the most critical issues facing Syrian civil society and develop viable solutions to present in the conversations in the Syrian Civil Society Support Room (CSSR). Mobaderoon ensured that these findings were heard by providing further financial and technical support to two civil society leaders to participate in the CSSR meeting in Geneva with the UN Special Envoy for Syria, as well as other international platforms focused on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Syria.  


  • Created a network of newly formed community-based organizations (CBOs) working to increase women’s roles in peacebuilding processes and to reduce extremism in Syria

  • Provided financial and technical assistance to newly formed CBOs

  • Connected new CBOs to international and multilateral actors to amplify their voices

“Peace in Syria needs Mobaderoon to be active and involved, using our innovation and creativity to not only create a better future, but to actually stay alive! The IPF support enables us to keep going an remain hopeful.”  

– Abir Haj Ibrahim 

Co-Founder, Mobaderoon, Syria 

+1 202-355-8220

1126 16th Street NW Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036

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