WASL partner, Hamsatu Allamin, founder of Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development in Nigeria, won the Islamic Development Bank’s prize on women’s contribution to development. The award was given during the Annual Meeting of the IDB Group Board of Governors in Tunis, Tunisia, on 4 April 2018.

A well deserved prize for Mrs. Allamin, as she devoted herself to fight back against Boko Haram’s narrative in her community. She reached out to the women in the most dangerous areas, where Boko Haram heavily recruited. She also reached out to the government’s security forces to put a stop to the bloodshed as they fight against the extremist group. But perhaps, one of the most significant achievements of Mrs. Allamin, is being able to raise school enrollment to 40% as a direct result of her campaigning.

ICAN was delighted to endorse Mrs. Allamin’s recommendation, as “she epitomizes the essence of women’s leadership and agency in matters of rights, peace and security. Ms. Allamin is a thinker and a doer, a strategist, practitioner, and a true activist.”

Of her award, Mrs. Allamin told the Nigerian Daily Trust, “I am humbled that the little l am doing for the voiceless communities of North Eastern Nigeria is being independently, and in a transparent international manner, identified, recognized and rewarded by this esteemed Islamic financial institution.”

She added: “this is indeed an eye opener for Muslim women, and particularly those of us living in conflict ridden and marginalized worlds to come out and play our part, for the reward now is right here at our doorsteps; for me, this is just the beginning.”

ICAN and WASL are proud to call Hamsatu a partner in the quest for peace and human security. Mrs. Allamin was one of the first partners of ICAN’s Innovative Peace Fund (IPF) which supported her work since 2015. She says, “My ICAN supported interventions earned me this prestige, otherwise it may not have been possible; l really appreciate being part of those great ICAN/WASL initiatives.”

Commenting on the award, ICAN’s ED Sanam Naraghi Anderlini says, “We are proving that when you invest in trusting women, the returns are extraordinary. Hamsatu is the perfect example.”

Congratulations, Hamsatu!


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