The Coast Education Centre (COEC) is a Kenyan non-governmental organization that focuses on enhancing youth, women, and other marginalized social groups’ participation in community development. COEC contributes to local, national, and international efforts to promote human rights, development, and social wellbeing.

Gender- Inclusivity: A Means for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

In September 2016 the Government of Kenya launched its national CVE strategy, largely ignoring the gendered impacts of violent extremism and the contributions of women to CVE. In response COEC mobilized regional consultations with 100 women across six coastal counties to address the gaps in the government’s strategy.


With support from the IPF, COEC created the Coast Women’s CVE Charter, which it presented to the Government of Kenya in October 2018. The recommendations focused on psychosocial support, gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation of CVE policy and programs, and fund availability to women-led organizations.

By 2019, COEC had 1,645 direct and 5,000 indirect beneficiaries of its CVE outreach work. In terms of policy, the Government of Kenya accepted COEC’s recommendation to introduce partnership and coordination between civil society organizations, relevant ministries, and county governments on matters of security and human rights. More recently, the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) announced its intention to amend Kenya’s national strategy on CVE.


  • Mobilized regional consultations with 100 women across 6 coastal counties to address the gaps in the government’s CVE strategy

  • Created the Coast Women’s CVE Charter with recommendations on gender sensitive M&E, PSS, and funding women peacebuilders 

  • Successfully recommended that NCTC  include gender pillars in Kenya’s national strategy on CVE

The IPF grant is flexible, which has enabled COEC to empower women today to choose peace over chaos, faith over fears and others over themselves. Thank you ICAN for making it possible.”  

– Halima Mohamed 
Executive Director Coast Education Center, Kenya 

+1 202-355-8220

1126 16th Street NW Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036

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