Coalition for Action on 1325 (CoACT) 

In Uganda, the Coalition for Action on 1325 (CoACTorganized a conference in March 2020 to launch the She Builds Peace campaign. Representatives from the government, embassies (including the Embassies of Norway and Sweden), UN Women, security sector, civil society, academia, and the media attended the launch. The event delved into why it is necessary to recognize, appreciate, and listen to women peacebuilders; how women are affected in war and conflict; and when women face conflict and insecurity. The conference included a panel discussion on the roles of women peacebuilders in government and academia, and the importance of ensuring their safety, recognition, and appreciation. All the participants were invited to pledge their commitment to stand with women peacebuilders. 

Ms. Claire Hawkins (UN Women) called on the Ugandan government to support women peacebuilders to SOAR (i.e. ensuring their Safety, Obligation, Appreciation, and Resourcing). She also affirmed UN Women’s commitment to support women peacebuilders by signing on to a board developed by CoACT for this purpose. CoACT’s advocacy at the political level also included providing recommendations to the President on recognizing women peacebuilders during celebrations including International Women’s Day and other national days; and passing a law to recognize women peacebuilders as part of the security sector.  

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