Advocacy for Women in Peace and Security Africa (AWAPSA)

Aug 2022 – On March 17, 2022, AWAPSA convened 50 women including security actors, provincial administrators, religious leaders and other key stakeholders to lobby the government to establish a fund to support women peacebuilders’ work. The event, which marked the launch of AWAPSA’s She Builds Peace campaign, increased awareness of women peacebuilders and their critical role as peace and security actors. AWAPSA also conducted two circle of peace trainings for 40 women peacebuilders on trauma management. Recognizing the critical need for such interventions, the participants plan to advocate for the government to provide psychosocial support for peacebuilders.  

As part of their She Builds Peace campaign activities, AWAPSA has collaborated closely with local police forces and community members, raising awareness about gender-based violence and child pregnancy, and highlighting challenges around access to justice for survivors. The activities increased understanding among the police and community about how they can better support survivors and encouraged the two groups to engage openly with each other on this topic.  

Finally, AWAPSA developed a documentary video which reiterates their call for financial and technical support for women peacebuilders. Sharing their personal stories amplified the understanding and recognition of the important work of women peacebuilders.  

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