The team got many requests to repeat the campaign in other areas within central-south Khartoum so far we cooperated with 3 communities and helped them to take the lead.” 

– WPSI Campaign Report

In Sudan, Madaniya launched the She Builds Peace campaign in April 2020The group organized a workshop targeting women workers and households in South Khartoum, an area where many internally displaced persons (IDPs) reside.  Participants discussed how to best protect women and children during the pandemic, and how to mobilize communities to support each other. They also explored how women can be empowered to take action against gender-based violence during the crisis and how to better communicate with community membersThe She Builds Peace launch also included an hour-long discussion on a local radio station to explain the campaign, the workshop, and follow-up actions.  The Madaniya team has received many requests to repeat the campaign in other areas in central-south Khartoum. 

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