Dali and Senda Association for Peace 

The Dali and Senda Association for Peace launched the She Builds Peace campaign in Tunis, Tunisia in March 2020 with a capacity-building workshop for women and girls on women’s role in peacebuilding. Participants included students, teachers, representatives from the Ministry of Education, and a representative from a political party. Attendees learned about UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions, the She Builds Peace campaign, strategies to increase women’s roles in peace processes, and the challenges women peacebuilders and their organizations face. The launch provided opportunities to share experiences, best practices, and tools for building women’s leadership and capacities. 

 At the political level, this training encourages political parties to establish new agendas to build an inclusive and peaceful society. Three women from the Ministry of Education asked to include a new program in the National Plan for Education about “Women, Peace and Education”, and one of them decided to create new ‘Culture of peace” and “Girls as peacebuilders clubs. At the community level, this workshop made students aware of strategies to include women in all levels of negotiations and decision-making. Some of them become more motivated to raise awareness amongst youth and create their own associations. 

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