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 “It was mandatory to promote the role of women activists and their importance as peacebuilders at community-level. Women peacebuilders act as ‘First Line Defenders’ in any crises situation.”

– PAIMAN Campaign Report

The She Builds Peace campaign was launched in Pakistan by PAIMAN Alumni Trust (PAIMAN). PAIMAN organized two district forums, including one in Karachi which brought together political leaders, local elected representatives, service delivery organizations, civil society, and other influential community membersIn the forums, PAIMAN discussed the four pillars of the campaign – Safety, Obligation, Appreciation, and Resourcing – in the context of rising conflict and domestic violence during the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns. PAIMAN also facilitated several activities that combined COVID-19 response and campaign messaging. Through TOLANAs, they disseminated guidance about the pandemic and information about the importance of women peacebuildersThis took the form of daily WhatsApp messages, posters, and banners in strategic public places, and using balconies and rooftops to share information with neighbors when there was little or no access to cell phones or other technology. In addition, PAIMAN adapted their office space to make and disseminate face masks, soap, and disinfectants/sanitizers to people in their communities who otherwise would not have had access.  

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