Zenobia Association 

Based in Turkey, Zenobia Association organized two home sessions for Syrian women in the Turkish states of Gaziantep and Shanley Urfa to enable women peacebuilders to understand the Syrian context and the causes of conflict. They also conducted a similar online session for women in Syria to raise awareness of the importance of their political participation. Zenobia connects women’s experiences within their homes, raising children and promoting a culture of peace with the family, to building a peaceful society free from extremism.

Zenobia also hosted an online session to launch the publication “Daesh Doesn’t Represent Me” which documents stories of Syrian women who survived living under ISIS and the injustice and persecution experienced with their families. The Syrian women who shared their stories rejected all forms of violence and extremism and increased knowledge of women’s roles in peacebuilding and political life in order to protect their society from violent extremist movements. Zenobia distributed the booklet with physical and electronic copies both in Turkey and abroad. They reached 200 stakeholders including women peacebuilders, human rights activists, and partner civil society organizations.

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